The logo was designed for a Catering/Food
Delivery business. The client wanted the logo to have a
50's vibe and hark back to a simpler time.

Needed to develop a logo for a sub-division of a PR firm. The colors follow the parent company. The logo needed to represent the movement of information out to the public.
Developed the logo, all marketing materials and a website for a life coach specializing in parent and adolescent coaching. The logo needed to convey the active, forward movement of the coaching process.
Charged with creating a logo for an interior design firm. The classic, unique, yet global nature of her design style was incorporated into the logo design.
A logo was developed for a new concept Dr. to Dr. website with the mission of passing education from specialists to general physicians. It needed to convey the partnership and strength within the medical community.
The logo was developed for the parent company of a real estate development and management company. The company owner had definite ideas of how he wanted the company represented; strength, dependability and reliability.
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